Greatest asset of our organization is our valued customers.


Hempushp Art Exports is recognized as one of the reputed buying and export house doing business in the field of Indian wooden handicraft from last many years. The agency is specialized in product development coordination and communication, online and postproduction inspection etc.

Our latest catalogs includes a total new range and style of chairs, Dinning Tables and chairs, wine racks, sideboards and other wooden furniture's. We also have a wide range of painted furniture’s and iron handicraft items, they all new, full of excellent ideas and exclusive designs. You can also find here rugs, furniture, CD racks, lamps - everything you need to decorate world.


Hempushp Art Exports seeks to be an innovative leader in the distribution of wooden handicraft, wooden furniture, Antiques and gift articles, and is committed to fulfill the expectations of all its customers, employees, and suppliers.

Jodhpur Handicraft

Jodhpur handicraft has its own unique reputation in the world of wooden furniture and handicraft items, and credit for this reputation goes to the power of Jodhpur’s craftsmen which mixes the traditional ancient style of Rajasthan Handicrafts with modern requirement in such a beautiful way that it leaves every body spellbound.


We use top quality SHISHAM wood for manufacturing front and top of all our items, remaining parts of the item are manufactured using BABUL AND MANGO wood. All items manufactured at Hempushp Art Exports, have enough strength to resist effects of any type of HOT AND COLD LIQUID or any other seasonal changes as we use LAKER and SILAR polish which gives proper strengh to item to avoid such effects.


This is only department due to which we have been able to get such a strong customer base, over the time we have developed a unique three tier quality checkup system. Our checking team start working with the inward of wood, First team checks the wood for its quality , then selected wood goes to our manufacturing department there again a separate team checks the items as soon as get completed, then a third team checks the packing quality of items. The work is allotted to all the checking teams on the random basis and 3-4 experienced supervisors are part of all the checking teams. In this way we achieve a high quality at every point of manufacturing.

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